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Male 55 A highly experienced competent and versatile Tractor Operator with an excellent work record spanning over... 31/08/2017 20/10/2027 35332
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Male 26 Welsh 26 year old looking for work in Pembrokeshire 04/09/2017 N/A 53771
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Male 24 Very hard working and motivated individual. Looking to pursue a career in farming. 22/09/2017 N/A 46241
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Female 18 Passionate worker aged 18 , just completed Extended Diploma in Agriculture, Looking for dairy work in the UK 01/09/2017 N/A 47058
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Male 27 Keen, young and experienced male from Yorkshire seeking full time arable employment. Experienced in almost all aspects of arable farming and technologies. 01/11/2017 N/A 22024
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Male 21 Irish, Experienced in and looking for Agricultural Contracting ,Arable, Dairy, Mixed Dairy/Arable farm.... 20/08/2017 N/A 48263
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Male 21 22 year old from Yorkshire looking to further his experience,arable or for contractor, will travel 21/08/2017 N/A 43991
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Male 38 Experienced tractor and forklift driver, 38 years old, looking for a farm job starting from the beginning... 20/08/2017 N/A 21345
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Male 21 Tractor Driver, Machine Operator and Farm hand as well as Game keeping   My name is Alex and I am based... 14/08/2017 14/08/2018 40960
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Male 34 Shepherd with cattle experience. 34 yrs old. Good dog with others along side. 31/08/2017 N/A 53832
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Male 51 Experienced farm worker aged 51 looking for job in England, willing to remove 14/08/2017 N/A 40709
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Male 31 Livestockman/GFW looking to progress my career. 01/09/2017 N/A 48871
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Male 33 Robert Galloway I am a 33 year old male looking for seasonal or full time work as an experienced arable operator/Tractor... 14/08/2017 N/A 44927
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Male 28 Tractor driver, general farm worker, looking for permanent work in the Worcestershire, West Midlands area.... 31/08/2017 N/A 44828
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Female 25 Norfolk young shepherdess age 25 looking for shepherding work, can shear sheep,have good working dog 01/09/2017 N/A 42641
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Male 39 With over 20 years experience, 39 year old male looking to manage another dairy unit. Currently... 01/09/2017 N/A 38146
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Male 22 Experienced Irish tractor driver available for any type of tractor work.good experience with slurry spreading... 14/08/2017 24/06/2020 34709
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Male 29 I am a Scottish male looking for work in farming.  I have had experience on farms since I was a young... 31/08/2017 1/01/2025 33833
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Male 24 Honest, reliable farm worker, 24, looking for full time position or self employed work. CAMBRIDGESHIRE 02/10/2017 N/A 21226
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Male 51 Hi I am an experienced agricultural worker looking for a permanent position.  I have experience with... 31/08/2017 N/A 53727
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