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Male 38 Skilled Tractor / machinery operator with good maintenance skills and own tools, pa1 & 2, forklift cert, over 20 years experience.   01/09/2017 N/A 41608
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Female 63 Female looking for relief milking and or calf rearing 03/09/2017 N/A 53933
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Male 24 Tractor driver/welder/farm larbour 24 from Northern Ireland 14/08/2017 22/12/2017 53914
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Male 39 Experienced tractor driver with previous milking experience looking to return to farming. 01/09/2017 N/A 53407
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Male 20 20 year old with a good bit of experience looking for work on beef, sheep, dairy farm or contracting.... 23/08/2017 N/A 37273
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Female 20 I am 20 years old and have a degree in animal behavior and welfare, I have has previous experience with pigs... 14/08/2017 N/A 53735
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Female 31 Currently assistant on a 120 high yielding herd. I can scrape out. Use loader tractor for picking up straw... 30/08/2017 N/A 53089
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Male 26 I am a self motivated individual who enjoys working as part of a team. I am a fast learner and take pride... 10/09/2017 N/A 43776
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Male 22 Experience in stockman work of around 100 cows and 70 sheep and some arable land, experience in... 14/08/2017 1/01/2018 45887
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Male 34 My name is Shaun Barratt. I am originally from Zimbabwe. Have grown up on a farm with my parents and brother.... 24/08/2017 N/A 40367
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Female 22 Keen interest in sustainable and future farming techniques, looking to specialize in livestock. 04/09/2017 N/A 53773
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Male 33 Farmhand / Gardener, keen hard worker. 13/09/2017 20/01/2019 53287
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Male 21 Dairy Herdsperson - just completed a two year dairy farming apprenticeship 11/09/2017 N/A 53072
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Female 25 Australian looking for work around september time. Open to for the experience. 16/09/2017 N/A 53766
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Male 30 Experienced and reliable farm worker seeking employment 31/08/2017 13/12/2018 47099
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Male 21 Welsh farm worker 21 looking for agriculture contractor work 14/08/2017 1/12/2017 40842
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Male 51 Experienced in arable, beef, dairy, some experience working on outdoor pig unit and some experience with sheep. 18/09/2017 N/A 35155
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Male 39 Agricultural tractor driver aged 39 looking for farm Agricultural/Horticultural Tractor driver work in the UK with 20 years of experience. 10/09/2017 N/A 19088
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Male 29 Multi-skilled operator with extensive farming and mechanical background. 01/11/2017 N/A 33587
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