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Male 18 tractor driver looking for work and accommodation 01/07/2017 N/A 50878
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Male 23 Tractor driver from Ireland aged 23 seeks work in the UK 09/07/2017 30/09/2017 25418
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Male 23 23year old experienced tractor driver looking full time work in England with a contractor  12/07/2017 14/11/2017 50342
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Male 40 I am 40 years old man from Latvia, with 6 year dairy farm experience in UK  who is looking... 10/08/2017 N/A 31357
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Male 21 Irish, Experienced in and looking for Agricultural Contracting ,Arable, Dairy, Mixed Dairy/Arable farm. Somerset preferable but flexible and willing. 16/07/2017 N/A 48263
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Male 22  Hello, I am 21 years old I am an experienced machinery operator and herdsman/farm worker... 30/06/2017 31/10/2019 34881
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Male 36 Stockman looking for gfw position in central scotland. Experience of basic tractor work 17/05/2026 1/01/1970 48233
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Female 20 Agricultural Technology Student at Queens University Belfast looking for a work placement in NI 01/07/2017 N/A 50809
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Male 40 I am a Filipino with permanent residency in the UK which means I can work in the UK.  I have worked... 01/08/2017 N/A 38426
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Male 25 24 year old Northern Irish all rounder hands on and keen to work and learn. 24/08/2017 N/A 44267
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Male 23 South African 23 y/o male that is a BSc  Animal Science graduate looking for gap year work in the United... 01/09/2017 1/11/2018 50628
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Male 23 Farmers son recently returned from Australia and New Zealand. Worked on large potato farm in south Australia... 17/07/2017 15/09/2017 24471
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Male 18  My name is Odhrán FItzpatrick I am from Ireland come from farming and plant hire background currently... 01/07/2017 1/09/2017 43078
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Female 17 College student, age 17, looking for seasonal work with preferably sheep or sheep/beef farm and living away from home.  01/07/2017 9/09/2017 49174
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Male 40 Young Danish man looking for a new career and a good place to settle down with my family in Scotland or England. 01/07/2017 N/A 45693
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Male 25 Enthusiastic worker looking for new challenge in ..IE..UK..EUR.. 25/06/2017 N/A 44094
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Female 16 First year Agriculture (Level 3) at Hartpury College. Looking for a 10 month placement. 01/07/2017 1/05/2018 50593
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Female 22 Enthusiastic worker age 22 - graduate with stockman experience looking for work anywhere with good progression... 30/06/2017 N/A 48257
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Female 24 Australian tractor driver, 24 years old. Experience in viticulture including 2 harvests. Physically fit, can operate forklift, chainsaw, tractor, harvester, MR truck.  09/07/2017 1/11/2017 49908
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Male 26 general farm worker/tractor driver/stockman based in Wiltshire, aged 26. Looking to further my knowledge... 01/07/2017 N/A 50686
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