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Male 31 Keen, young and enthusiastic farm worker/herdsman who is passionate about cows and willing to work hard for the right employer. Interested in anything about cows! 01/11/2017 1/05/2050 26528
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Male 19 I am looking to expand my knowledge within the farming industry, I come from a farm where I have grown... 13/11/2017 N/A 48857
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Male 21 Young shepherd with experience of five lambing seasons.  At present, working 700 North of England mules... 01/11/2017 N/A 38683
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Male 30 Irish worker, aged 30 looking for work in Suffolk. Experienced in arable and beef suckler farming. 01/11/2017 N/A 54877
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Male 29 28 year old Northern Irishman with experience in large scale arable operations in England, New Zealand... 01/12/2017 N/A 27751
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Male 26 Experienced NZ and UK Farmer from New Zealand. Predominantly Pasture based systems. 16/10/2017 N/A 45351
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Female 25 Hard working, highly motivated, good working dog owner wants your shepherding job 27/10/2017 N/A 39485
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Male 32 Head Herdsman/Herd Manager. 15+ years experience in the dairy industry. A.I Qualified.  29/10/2017 N/A 54451
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Female 24 Hard Working and enthusiastic general farm worker, looking for employment with livestock in the UK 17/10/2017 N/A 47955
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Male 40 Machinery Operator from Ireland looking for work in the Agriculture sector.  I have  worked... 01/11/2017 4/01/2018 49317
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Male 22 22 year old Kiwi farmer looking for work, very flexible as to where i work.  01/11/2017 1/04/2018 49969
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Male 29 Weekend tractor driving / general farm work wanted Colchester and surrounding areas 30/08/2018 N/A 48099
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Male 27 27 year old Irish farm worker available. Solid farm experience in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and... 31/07/2018 N/A 40055
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Male 21 21 year old male, level 2 diploma in agriculture, grade:distinction. I work on a 300 cow dairy farm, milking... 22/10/2017 N/A 43069
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Male 32 32, Looking for a role of management in Horticulture. Hardworking, experienced and a quick learner. 20/11/2017 1/01/2026 14160
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Male 31 I am a skilled South African large small stock production manager with 8 years experience. 01/11/2017 31/07/2018 52309
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Female 27 Swedish farm worker aged 27 looking for work on sheep farms in UK. 01/01/2018 N/A 41633
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Male 57 My name is Phil  English, herdsman, aged 57 looking for work anywhere within reason. I have UNIGATE SOVEREIGN... 28/10/2017 N/A 41377
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Male 27 I am a 27 year old from Norfolk with experience in arable and dairy farming. 01/11/2017 N/A 28269
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Male 29 Multi-skilled operator with extensive farming and mechanical background. 01/11/2017 N/A 33587
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