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Female 21 Keen shepherdess/stockperson looking for work 29/10/2017 N/A 50719
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Male 25 25 year old general farm worker available for immediate start from Bristol/ North Somerset, has relevant... 31/10/2017 N/A 40734
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Male 19 Agricultural mechanics student looking for Summer work on large tillage or beef farm. 19/10/2017 6/09/2018 52024
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Male 47 Hard working General agricultural worker/Tractor Driver 15/10/2017 N/A 55882
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Male 38 I have 7 years experience operating mchale fusion baler, driving tractors since school age, farmers son ... 31/10/2017 N/A 33474
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Male 61 Farm manager looking for similar post in the south. Experience in dairy, beef, sheep,and arable. 22/12/2017 N/A 55843
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Male 35 English, confident, experienced tractor/combine operator with PA1/PA2, telehandler certificates 16/10/2017 N/A 39559
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Male 24 Strong young man of 24 looking for work in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire, has young family, experience in game birds and cattle. 01/11/2017 N/A 55755
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Male 46 Beef Stockman, aged 46 looking for work in UK.  Passionate about animal welfare.   Tractor... 15/10/2017 N/A 47134
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Male 43 I am a good hard working Herdsman, I pride myself with my cleanliness and the standards that I work to, and my time keeping. 30/11/2017 1/04/2025 14983
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Male 44 Can plough, solo, subsoil, press, drive cat crawlers, can use gps autosteer. 20/10/2017 1/01/2014 31206
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Male 25 General dedicated farm worker aged 25 31/10/2017 N/A 55678
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Male 29 Herdsperson,manager assistant in dairy farming. 01/11/2017 N/A 55704
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Male 27 Hartpury College graduate 2012 in Agircultural Business Management 5 Years experience in Farming including... 01/11/2017 1/01/2020 22001
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Male 31 31year old man, with experience in working on farms abroad, looking for an opportunity to learn & progress in the UK farming industry 01/12/2017 1/12/2018 55649
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Female 23 I am a hard-working, self-motivated, capable and responsible individual with proven experience... 03/12/2017 1/01/1970 53309
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Male 19 Suffolk born and bred, 19 year old, I live in Otley, with a full driving lisence, I've done a harvest... 16/10/2017 N/A 55609
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Male 24 Scottish farm hand aged 24 looking for any farm work which is full time anywhere in the UK. Willing... 31/10/2017 N/A 42386
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Male 35 Irish man looking for work 20/11/2017 20/11/2018 48190
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